Best Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons in Turkey

All 36 Best Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons in Turkey

Surgical procedures should be performed by expert doctors. Therefore, the selection of a doctor is very important. When choosing a doctor outside of your country, you should pay attention to their specialties. For this, you should conduct research from reliable sources and choose the right destination country. Whether it's the right decision to choose a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Turkey can be determined through thorough research. First and foremost, you can generally examine the physicians in this target country. Once you've decided on the country, you'll need to know how to choose a doctor and which channels to use.

Are Plastic Surgeons Good In Turkey?

Advanced medical education is provided in Turkey. Important medical schools in the world, such as Hacettepe University Medical Faculty, Istanbul University Medical Faculty, Ege University Medical Faculty, and Ankara University Medical Faculty, are located in Turkey. Therefore, the rate of producing qualified doctors in Turkey is quite high. Along with a challenging educational process, students who encounter numerous cases while still in their student years gain advanced knowledge and experience compared to other doctors when they graduate. Similarly, during specialization processes, there is a rigorous education. Turkey hosts many students and academic staff from other countries who wish to receive medical education.

Turkey provides medical services in accordance with European Union standards. According to data from Ata Kurumsal, there are 46 hospitals in the country that have JCI accreditation. The healthcare personnel, physical infrastructure, and medical equipment in these hospitals are at the same level as any country in Europe. In other words, the quality of healthcare services and the practices of the doctors you will receive will be of a high standard. Within the scope of medical tourism services, Turkey has gone beyond the usual protocols and has become one of the leading medical tourism centers in the world today.

Doctors in Turkey, in addition to undergoing some of the most challenging medical education processes globally, also possess the experience of encountering numerous cases. According to a source from Indyturk, in the year 2019, 754,392 surgical operations were performed in Turkey. The frequent practice of surgeries and exposure to a high number of cases naturally enhances their level of experience. Aesthetic surgery specialists in Turkey are well-acquainted with various procedures due to having performed them repeatedly in the past, which leads to a deep understanding of the processes. As a natural consequence, the healthcare provided by these physicians will result in fewer complications.

As a result, aesthetic surgery doctors in Turkey are well-trained and experienced individuals. In addition to following EU protocols, doctors also have additional responsibilities towards patients coming from abroad, so it should be acknowledged that the healthcare services provided will be of high quality.

How To Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon In Turkey?

When selecting the best plastic surgeon in Turkey, all you need to do is effectively utilize the tools provided by Klinikhaus. Klinikhaus offers comprehensive informational tools for you. You can list and compare plastic surgeons' profiles. 

When choosing a doctor, the number of years of experience is an important parameter. How long a doctor has been specializing in the profession indicates their level of experience.

The second important criterion is the doctor's academic title. Academic studies, in parallel with experience, allow you to see at what level of healthcare the doctor provides services. For example, a professor is naturally more experienced than a doctor without any title. However, it's beneficial not to evaluate this criterion alone. This is because there are doctors without any title who receive great praise from their patients.

The feedback and comments that doctors receive from their patients are also important when making choices. The opinions of real individuals about the healthcare services they have received can be considered the most important criterion when making choices. Of course, make sure that these comments are present in reliable sources like Klinikhaus. Fake reviews can lead to making incorrect choices in a negative or positive sense.

When choosing a doctor, you can also consider where they are employed in terms of healthcare institutions. You can make your choice from among the physicians working in prominent hospitals of the target country or opt for doctors who provide services in their own clinics.

If you have a recommended physician and you want to choose this option, don't rush. First, assess through Klinikhaus and reevaluate once again based on the criteria we mentioned. This way, you can make a more accurate decision.