How Much Does Jaw Contouring Surgery Cost?

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Jaw contouring surgery, commonly referred to as jawline surgery or orthognathic surgery, is an operation performed to improve the jaw's aesthetics and usefulness and jaw contouring surgery cost ranges widely. In order to obtain a more even and aesthetically pleasing facial profile, it entails altering the jaw's soft tissues and bones. The price of jaw contouring surgery is a crucial factor to take into account, as it is with any surgical operation.

Jaw Contouring Surgery cost

What Affects Jaw Contouring Surgery Cost?

The cost of a jaw contouring procedure might vary depending on a number of factors. It's vital to remember that costs can vary widely based on the particulars of each case and the difficulty of the procedure. The following significant variables can influence the final cost:

  • Geographical Location: The cost of jaw contouring surgery varies depending on the region. The cost of living, local competition among surgeons, and regional healthcare norms are a few examples of variables that can affect pricing.
  • Experience and Reputation of Surgeon: The cost of jaw contouring surgery may vary depending on the surgeon's experience and reputation. Surgeons with a strong reputation for success and a long track record of successful procedures may bill more money.
  • Hospital or Surgical Facility Fees: The total cost will include the expense of the hospital or surgical facility where the procedure is carried out. These costs may cover post-operative care, anesthesia, and operating room costs.
  • Pre-operative examinations and Tests: In order to determine your suitability for the operation, you may need to undertake a number of examinations and tests before the surgery. Medical exams, dental x-rays, and 3D imaging scans are a few examples of these. The price of these evaluations will be incorporated into the overall price.
  • Procedure Complexity: The cost of jaw contouring surgery may vary depending on how complicated the procedure is. The total cost of a procedure might vary depending on the complexity of the surgical process, the extent of bone contouring, and the need for further procedures (like chin augmentation).
  • Additional Costs: It's crucial to account for any additional costs that can occur due to the surgery, such as prescription drugs, hospital gowns, and follow-up visits. When budgeting for the procedure's overall cost, these extra expenses should be considered.

It's important to note that different health insurance plans may or may not cover jaw reshaping surgery. If the surgery is deemed medically essential to address functional difficulties, such as biting abnormalities or jaw misalignment, insurance may in some instances pay a portion of the bill. Insurance is unlikely to reimburse the costs if the operation is just done for cosmetic reasons.

It is crucial to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon before having jaw contouring surgery so they can evaluate your unique demands and give you a customized price quote. They will take all of the aforementioned aspects into account and provide you a thorough breakdown of the procedure's overall cost.

How Much Does Jaw Contouring Surgery Cost in USA?

Jaw contouring surgery expenses in the USA can vary considerably based on geographical location, with pricing diverging across states. For instance, in Atlanta, the average cost ranges from about $8,000 to $15,000. On the other hand, in Los Angeles, where living costs and demand for cosmetic enhancements tend to be higher, prices can average around $22,000 to $40,000. It's important to note that the expense of jaw contouring surgery can differ significantly across states due to factors like local economic conditions, surgeon expertise, and clinic facilities. It's recommended to consult with a medical provider to obtain precise and tailored pricing based on your particular circumstances.

Jaw Contouring Surgery Cost by Country

Min Max
680$ 806$
Czech Republic
1000$ 1266$
500$ 1500$
30$ 1500$
1600$ 2000$
728$ 2428$
2400$ 3077$
3150$ 3850$
South Korea
3400$ 4285$
3504$ 5037$
4035$ 5716$
4397$ 6596$
United States
5900$ 7100$
7500$ 9000$
United Kingdom
10052$ 12286$
2200$ 26797$


  • Jaw contouring surgery is not typically covered by insurance in the United States. Insurance companies generally consider this procedure to be elective and cosmetic in nature. As a result, patients who wish to undergo jaw contouring surgery usually have to bear the full cost of the procedure themselves. It is advisable for individuals considering this surgery to consult with their insurance provider to obtain accurate information regarding coverage options and potential reimbursement.

  • If you are seeking affordable options for Jaw Contouring Surgery, there are several countries where you may find suitable choices. For instance, countries such as Thailand, India, Mexico, and Turkey offer cost-effective options for this procedure. These countries have reputable medical facilities and skilled surgeons who specialize in jaw contouring surgery. It is essential to thoroughly research the specific clinics and hospitals in these countries, considering factors like qualifications, experience, and patient reviews, to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

  • No, there are no potential risks associated with low-cost Jaw Contouring Surgery. The expenses involved in the procedure vary across different countries, but it does not imply compromised quality. In fact, one can receive similar or even superior quality service for the same amount of money. The lower cost may be attributed to different operating and other expenses, but it does not indicate any increased risks.