How Much Does A Gastric Balloon Cost?

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It's critical to comprehend the variables that may impact gastric balloon cost when considering it as a weight loss solution. In order to assist curb hunger and encourage early satiety, a deflated balloon is inserted into the stomach as part of the non-surgical weight loss technique known as the gastric balloon, also known as the intragastric balloon. It is a good alternative for people who want to start losing weight or who don't want to have invasive surgery like a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy or aren't candidates for it.

There are a number of important factors to take into account when assessing the total cost, even though precise price details may differ.

Gastric Balloon cost

What Affects Gastric Balloon Cost?

  • Geographic Location: The price of a gastric balloon can change based on where a medical facility is located. The entire cost can be influenced by variables like the cost of living, regional healthcare pricing patterns, and local market dynamics.
  • Medical Facility and Equipment: The gastric balloon procedure's price may vary depending on the caliber and reputation of the hospital doing it. Modern facilities with cutting-edge equipment and a solid track record could charge more than less-modern or less well-known facilities.
  • Expertise and reputation of the surgeon doing the gastric balloon procedure: This factor can have an impact on the price. Due to their specialized training and great success rates, surgeons with a high level of knowledge and a good reputation could bill more money.
  • Preoperative and Postoperative Care: Preoperative evaluations, consultations, and follow-up care may be included in the price of a gastric balloon. To ensure thorough care and monitoring throughout the procedure, these additional services and assistance add to the final cost.
  • Anesthesia and Medical Personnel: If the procedure necessitates anesthesia, the cost may be affected by the type of anesthetic utilized and the presence of medical personnel. The anesthesiologist's credentials and those of the support staff contribute to the overall costs.
  • Duration of Balloon Placement: The price may vary depending on how long the gastric balloon remains in the stomach. Longer periods may be preferred by certain people over shorter ones, and this decision may have an impact on the final cost.

To get an accurate price quote based on your unique situation, speak with a skilled healthcare expert who specializes in gastric balloon treatments. In order to ensure that patients have a comprehensive grasp of the financial aspects related with gastric balloon weight loss treatment, they can provide extensive information about the individual components influencing the cost and walk patients through the procedure.

How Much Does Gastric Balloon Cost in USA?

The cost of a gastric balloon procedure in the USA can vary based on location, with prices differing between states. In Atlanta, the average cost for a gastric balloon insertion is approximately $8,200. However, in Los Angeles, the cost might range from $9,000 to $12,000 due to the higher cost of living and the demand for medical procedures.

Gastric Balloon Cost by Country

Min Max
2300$ 3100$
Czech Republic
1900$ 3200$
2500$ 3295$
3000$ 3600$
3303$ 3854$
1800$ 4400$
2200$ 4400$
3303$ 4625$
2418$ 4947$
United Kingdom
5097$ 6603$
3303$ 6607$
4000$ 8000$
4000$ 8000$
United States
8000$ 10000$
1750$ 15000$
South Korea
10000$ 16479$


  • In the United States, insurance plans may vary in their coverage of Gastric Balloon procedures. However, it is common for insurance plans to provide coverage for this procedure under certain circumstances. The specific coverage criteria often depend on factors such as the patient's body mass index (BMI), the presence of related health conditions, and previous attempts at weight loss. It is advisable to consult with the insurance provider and the healthcare team to determine the coverage and eligibility for Gastric Balloon procedures within a particular insurance plan.

  • When seeking affordable Gastric Balloon options, several strategies can be pursued. Exploring medical tourism in countries such as Mexico, India, Thailand, and Turkey is a viable option, as these nations offer cost-effective healthcare alternatives. By researching reputable hospitals and clinics in these countries, individuals can find affordable Gastric Balloon procedures without compromising on quality. Consulting with healthcare professionals and reviewing patient testimonials can aid in making an informed decision about the most suitable destination for obtaining an affordable Gastric Balloon procedure.

  • No, there are no significant risks associated with choosing a lower-cost Gastric Balloon procedure. The costs vary across countries, but this does not necessarily imply a compromise in quality. In fact, one can receive equally good, if not better, quality of service for the same amount of money. It is important to consider that lower costs may be due to variations in operating and other related expenses, rather than a compromise in the procedure itself. Thus, opting for a lower-cost Gastric Balloon procedure does not inherently pose any potential risks.