Dental Implants in Turkey

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Dental Implants in Turkey presents a comprehensive overview of the thriving dental implant industry in Turkey. If you're considering a reliable and cost-effective solution to restore your smile, look no further. Many individuals prefer Turkey for dental implants due to its reputation for providing high-quality and safe procedures. With cheap packages that encompass the entire implant process, including consultation, surgery, and aftercare, Turkey stands out as a popular destination for dental tourism. Rest assured that you can achieve a beautiful and functional smile with the expertise of skilled dental professionals in Turkey. Don't compromise on quality – opt for dental implants in Turkey and experience care at an unbeatable price.

Dental Implants in turkey best places

Why Get Dental Implants in Turkey?

Turkey may be the ideal location for you if you're looking for high-quality dental implants at a reasonable cost. Turkey is one of the most popular international locations for dental tourism because it provides top-notch dental care for a fraction of the price of other nations. We'll look at some of the benefits of getting dental implants in Turkey in this article.

  • High-Quality Dental Care

High-quality dental care is one of the main factors contributing to Turkey's popularity as a dental tourism destination. With so many highly skilled dentists and oral surgeons who have received training in accordance with worldwide standards, the nation has a reputation for providing outstanding dental care. Turkish dental clinics are outfitted with the most modern tools and technology to give patients the best care possible.

  • Affordable Prices

The reasonable costs are another factor contributing to Turkey's growth as a dental tourism hotspot. Turkish dental care is substantially less expensive than dental care in many other nations, such as the US, UK, and Canada. This implies that individuals can receive high-quality care while saving thousands of dollars on their dental care.

  • Experienced Dentists and Oral Surgeons

There are numerous qualified dentists and oral surgeons in Turkey that are adept at performing a variety of dental treatments, including dental implant surgery. Many of these specialists received their education abroad and have extensive training in executing difficult dental treatments. Patients may rest assured that they are getting the best care possible and that a qualified expert will be placing their dental implants as a result.

  • Modern Facilities

Turkish dental clinics are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and sophisticated amenities. This guarantees that patients get the greatest treatment possible and that their dental implants are put in using the most recent methods and tools. In order to make the dental implant procedure as stress-free as possible, several dentist offices in Turkey have been built to offer patients a nice and peaceful environment.

  • Beautiful Destination

Turkey is an extraordinary nation with a vibrant past and present. The chance to tour Turkey and its many attractions is available to those who visit there for dental implants. Turkey has much to offer everyone, from the breathtaking beaches to the historical ruins.

Best Places For Dental Implants in Turkey

best cities such as istanbul, izmir, antalya for surgery in Turkey

When considering dental implants in Turkey, several cities stand out for their exceptional dental services and patient satisfaction. Antalya, Izmir, and Istanbul are among the top choices, each offering unique highlights and meeting various patient expectations.

  • Antalya:

Antalya, a popular tourist destination, not only boasts beautiful landscapes but also excels in dental implant procedures. The city is home to numerous dental clinics and experienced dentists who provide high-quality services. Patients can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere while undergoing treatment, making the dental implant journey more comfortable and stress-free.

  • Izmir:

As a vibrant metropolis on the Aegean coast, Izmir offers dental care with a focus on modern technologies and techniques. The city's dental clinics are equipped with facilities, and dentists stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in implantology. Patients in Izmir can benefit from efficient and precise dental implant procedures delivered by skilled professionals.

  • Istanbul:

As Turkey's largest city, Istanbul is a hub for dental tourism, attracting patients from around the world. The city's dental clinics feature a diverse range of dental implant options, including all-on-4, all-on-6, and zygomatic implants. Istanbul's experienced dental specialists ensure excellent results, and patients can also explore the city's rich history and culture during their visit.

In conclusion, Turkey is a fantastic location for dental tourism since it provides top-notch dental care at a reasonable cost. It is simple to understand why more and more people are opting to receive dental implants in Turkey given the availability of skilled dentists and oral surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities, and a stunning location. Turkey may be the ideal destination for you if you are thinking of getting dental implants.

Is It Safe To Have Dental Implants in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular place for many medical procedures, and dental implants are one of them. The country has a lot of skilled dentists who have learned how to do this kind of work both in Turkey and in other countries. They use tools and materials that are of good quality, just like dentists in other parts of the world.

Many people from different countries travel to Turkey just to get dental work done. They often find that the prices are more affordable than back home, and they get to enjoy a little vacation too. Clinics are clean, and staff are trained to make sure patients are taken care of properly.

In the year 2021, there were a total of 30,731 dentists in all different areas of dentistry. According to a report from a group called Grand View Research, the worldwide dental implants market was worth about $4.6 billion in 2022. They think it's going to keep growing by about 9.8% every year from 2023 to 2030.

In short, getting dental implants in Turkey is safe when done by a qualified dentist in a good clinic. It's always a smart idea to check out any clinic or dentist before you go. But once you've done your research, you can feel confident about your choice and look forward to your new smile.

Is Dental Implants Cheaper In Turkey?

popularity of surgeries in Turkey

Yes, dental implants are generally more affordable in Turkey compared to the US and the UK. According to, dental implant costs in the US range from $3,000 to $4,500. In the UK, Natural Smiles states that dental implant prices range between £1,500 and £2,500. In contrast, Turkey offers competitive pricing due to economic factors and lower operating costs in its healthcare industry. This cost discrepancy can be attributed to varying healthcare systems and economic conditions in different countries. As a result, individuals seeking cost-effective options for dental implants often find Turkey to be a cost-efficient alternative, providing quality care at a more budget-friendly rate.

Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

Dental Implants prices in Turkey is around 400$ - 1000$ including hotels and transfers. When choosing the clinic or hospital, check before-after photos, reviews and packages in Turkey

Average Dental Implants Cost by Type in Turkey
Min Max
Same-Day Dental Implants
600$ 690$
Full Mouth Dental Implants
2500$ 5700$
All On Four Dental Implants
2010$ 9988$
All On Six Dental Implants
3015$ 13506$
All On 8 Dental Implants
5000$ 16000$

Dental Implants Packages
in Turkey

Transfer from to the airport
Help with visa
Personal assistant
Wi-fi internet
Apartments and via tickets booking
Accommodation of person
One-man room
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